Task manager

SONM Task manager (taskman) is a bot for customer. It's main goal is to automate deal and task managing, and make it as easy as possible.

Written with Python 3.7. Open-sourced and available for changes without any limitations.


  • describe hardware needs for your task(s), including preferred price and number of instances;
  • describe your task(s);
  • run the bot (in user session or in background);
  • relax and watch how the bot will take deals, start your task and perform task tracking.


  • create multiple orders (constant quantity) to run given task(s);
  • handle deal opening and run the task;
  • track task start, task status;
  • close deals:
    • if task failed to start (and add worker to blacklist);
    • if task has finished with success;
  • create order for a new deal if previous deal has been closed and task has not finished yet;
  • able to handle multiple different task types (configs must differ by tag);
  • provide password-protected html page with stats;
  • easy apply of config changes - config reloads once oer miniute, and this allow user to:
    • increase of reduce number of nodes for a particular task;
    • add or remove tasks from executor.

You may find the source code on GitHub.

See the SONM Task manager guide for additional info.