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SONM VMs for Supplier & Consumer

About VMs and SONM release

Download links:

These VMs for SONM supplier and SONM consumer are powered by Ubuntu 16.04 Server. All needed components are installed (SONM platform components, Docker CE). SONM release: 0.3.2 (February 09, 2018 ).

All components installed from repository and running as system services. You may upgrade all components using ‘sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade’ when new release become available.

Common steps:

  1. Install Oracle VirtualBox.
  2. Download VM image with SONM installed
  3. Add VM in VirtualBox (Machine -> Add)
  4. Open VM settings (Machine -> Settings), open ‘Network’ tab and select ‘Attached to’ as ‘Bridged adapter’. VM network settings
  5. Run VM

User: sonm Password: sonm

You may connect to your VM via ssh, this is useful when you want to have several simultaneous connections (to see logs in a separated terminal window, for example). You should know IP address of your VM. Run VM, log in, and use ‘ip address’ command.

Note: You may see logs for all SONM components (node, hub, worker). This is not necessary, but useful to when you want to see details of process. Open new terminal session and use command:

  • journalctl -fu sonm-node
  • journalctl -fu sonm-hub
  • journalctl -fu sonm-worker

Further steps:


  1. Run ./sonm-init.sh from /home/sonm/ folder (this will generate new Ethereum address)
  2. Follow example for consumer from step 8


  1. You still should have public IP for hub to make deals with other SONM testnet participants. You may configure DMZ or port forwarding (port 10001 on your VM must be reachable from outer network).
  2. Specify your public IP in /etc/sonm/hub-default.yaml as ‘announce_endpoint’ (sudo nano /etc/sonm/hub-default.yaml).
  3. Run ./sonm-init.sh from /home/sonm/ folder (this will generate new Ethereum address)
  4. Edit /etc/sonm/worker-default.yaml (sudo nano /etc/sonm/worker-default.yaml):
    • Specify hub’s new Ethereum address, you may see your Ethereum address in script output on step 3.
    • Specify your public IP.
  5. Restart ‘sonm-worker’ service (sudo service sonm-worker restart)
  6. Follow example for supplier from step 13

Note: You may run sonmcli from any folder without adding "./".

Note: Your Ethereum keystore file is in /home/sonm/keystore folder. Password = ‘sonmthebest’. If you want to use own password, edit configuration files for all SONM components - set new keystore password, BEFORE you run ./sonm-init.sh.

  • hub, worker node config files are stored in /etc/sonm/;
  • sonmcli config is in /home/sonm/.sonm/cli.yaml.