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CLI Setup

  1. Open the {your_home_folder}/.sonm/cli.yaml configuration file and set up the following preferencies.

Parameters to set:

Parameter Type Description
1 ethereum: key_store string Set up the path to folder with keystore file (UTC/JSON file with access to Rinkeby account where your SONM test tokens are stored). NOTE: You should use the same keystore for all SONM components.
2 ethereum: pass_phrase string The passphrase to access your keystore file. You may set the passphrase or leave it blank (in that case you will be asked to enter the pass_phrase every time you start the CLI).

Other parameters (no need to change):

Parameter Type Description
1 output_format string Sets the output data format: simple (a human-readable text) or JSON. You shouldn't change it.
  1. Save the changes to cli.yaml configuration file.

NOTE: Information for Linux/64 OS. File cli.yaml MUST be stored at '~/.sonm/' folder, relative to the linux user, that will use CLI. Otherwise CLI will work with default settings and use keys from ~/.sonm/keystore folder. If you get auth error when start sonmcli, you probably miss to move your cli.yaml to '~/.sonm/' folder.

  1. Try SONM CLI interface. For example, open your keystore with following command:

    sonmcli login

You will be asked for a passphrase to your keystore file (if you didn't set it in the cli.yaml configuration file).

NOTE If you use SONM binaries instead of installing SONM components from DEB packages or repository, you must call CLI from folder where sonmcli binary stored, using ./sonmcli {arguments} command.