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Client Node Setup

To set up the Client node application follow the steps below.

NOTE Configuration files location:

For Node, Hub and Worker:

  • If you run SONM components from binaries, configuration files must be stored in same folder.
  • If you have installed SONM comlonents from DEB package or repository, SONM configuration files are stored in: /etc/sonm

For CLI:

  • No matter how you installed CLI, it's configuration file must be stored in ~/.sonm/cli.yaml
  1. Open the node.yaml configuration file and set up the following preferencies (if you installed from DEB packages or repository, correct filename is node-default.yaml).

Parameters to set:

Parameter Type Description
1 ethereum: key_store string Set up the path to folder with keystore file (UTC/JSON file with access to Rinkeby account where your SONM test tokens are stored). NOTE: You should use the same keystore file for all SONM components.
2 ethereum: pass_phrase string The passphrase to access your keystore file. You may set the passphrase or leave it blank (in that case you will be asked to enter the pass_phrase every time you start the Client Node). If you installed SONM Node as system service (from DEB package or repository) you must specify passphrase. Otherwise sonm-node system service will fail to start.

Parameters to set (supplier only):

Parameter Type Description
1 hub: endpoint IP: port This is the SONM Hub service address. WARNING: You should not uncomment and change it if you interact with SONM as a consumer.

Other parameters (no need to change):

Parameter Type Description
1 node: listen_addr IP: port This is the Client Node local address. Default value is "". You shouldn't change it if not neccessary.
2 market: endpoint [email protected]: port This is the SONM Marketplace address. You shouldn't change it.
3 log: level number The log level number. Allowed values in range of "-1" (high verbosity) to "3" (most quiet). Default value is "-1".
4 locator: endpoint [email protected]: port This is the SONM locator service address. You shouldn't change it.
5 metrics_listen_addr IP:port Embedded metrics service. Do not change.
  1. Save the changes to node.yaml configuration file.
  2. Run SONM Client Node:
  • Linux:
    • if you use binaries: ./sonmnode
    • if you installed from DEB package or repository: sudo service sonm-node restart
  • MacOS: ./sonmnode
  • Windows (for consumer only): < your_sonm_folder >\node\sonmnode.exe

If you use binaries and did not specified passphrase in node.yaml, you will be asked for a passphrase to your keystore file.