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Run binaries

Updated on 08-02-2018

SONM Consumer need following platform components:

  • CLI
  • Node

SONM Supplier need following components:

  • CLI
  • Node
  • Hub
  • Worker

SONM Wallet is not neccessary (you may use SONM CLI instead of Wallet and inspect your balance with https://rinkeby.etherscan.io/).

  1. Download binaries for current release.
    • Linux binaries is avalable for Hub, Worker, Node, CLI;
    • Windows & MacOS binaries is avalable for Node, CLI.
  2. Unpack it to any folder on your PCs (user PC, hub PC and worker PC).

NOTE: user PC, hub PC and worker PC may be the same or separate PCs depending on the your computing power structure.

  1. Configure SONM Hub node on the hub PC. 

NOTE: If you have not an account on Rinkeby blockchain you may create it using Wallet or CLI (see the SONM CLI Guide). You should use the same Ethereum key file for all SONM components.

  1. Configure the SONM Client node on your user PC. 
  2. Configure the SONM CLI on your user PC.
  3. Configure the SONM Worker node for all worker PC. 

To install Wallet:

You also may use web-hosted version of SONM Wallet or Electron version for Mac OS, Windows or Linux.