This is Experimental feature for install from a bootable flash drive, currently SONM OS is on very early stage of development.

SONM OS based on Ubuntu 18.04 Server edition and include all SONM components and environment for supplier. At current stage of development we consider it as an alternative way for installation of SONM platform.

Before installing, check your hardware for compatibility with Ubuntu. Using incompatible hardware may cause problems during installation.


  1. Register in SONM GUI and create new Ethereum address on 'Accounts' page.

Every Supplier should have Ethereum address, that is his unique identifier. This address is called 'Master address', and it's purpose:

  • receive payments with SNM tokens for resources rented in SONM (marketplace smart contract send all payments to this address from all his SONM Workers);
  • link profile certificates, deal statistics, contact information, etc;
  • statistics and management for supplier's workers .
  1. Download installation image.
  2. Create bootable USB flash drive. You may use etcher, for example.
  3. Open file sonm.txt in root folder of USB drive and set your master address

sonm.txt example:



Please notice that SONM OS installation uses entire disk space, you cannot use it in dual-boot mode. You will loose any data on your HDD/SDD drive. Therefore, please make backup for any sensitive data.

Before loading the SONM OS flash drive, disable the mode Secure Boot in BIOS

  1. Connect bootable USB stick to the PC and run installation process.

  1. You will be asked for confirmation to wipe your SDD/HDD drive and erase all data (type 'YES' to continue).

  1. Installation process will begin.

  1. Set up initial parameters
    • user name and password;
    • host name
    • Wi-Fi preferences (if your PC is has wireless connection).

  1. When initial OS setup has finished - release bootable USB device and reboot the PC.

  1. On first boot, SONM platform installation script will be executed. You will be asked for password.

  1. At the end of installation, you should see worker status screen:

  1. Installation has finished.

Don't forget to confirm your freshly installed worker in SONM GUI (Market -> Workers section)

  1. After confirming the worker, its status will change (this may take several minutes). You should see updated worker status screen.

If at the time of installation you have problems, when contacting support, you will need to transfer the log file (it is created in the root directory of the flash drive and has the name crash-1539217823.log.tgz)